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Thanks for Visiting A Prairie Christmas

Thanks for Visiting A Prairie Christmas

Welcome to our website where you can read inspirational stories, watch fun and instructional videos, and listen to some of the stories you hear on our radio show. If you click on the follow us on Twitter button (look to the left), I will also send you an audio story through out the Christmas season- to check us out first- click on the play bar below and see if you like it- Merry Christmas!

Listen to A Prairie Christmas

If you like the story above, there are more- click on the STORIES tab at the top of the page - you will find archived Memories of Christmas stories under the "Take Time to Listen to a Story" header

Memories of Christmas CD Reissued!

Memories of Christmas CD Reissued!

I believe Christmas is more than one day on a calendar- it is a moment, maybe many moments, where we reflect on memories of Christmas past.  I've chosen these stories because they teach and inspire and offer lessons that reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jeff Gould's Memories of Christmas is a compilation of these inspirational and uplifting stories- a perfect counterpoint to your Holiday music favorites- click on the CD image to order your CD as a gift for yourself or those you love

How To Watch Someone Build a Pergola!

How To Watch Someone Build a Pergola!

I like doing handy projects- and I like watching other people do handy projects. Here is my video series of Building a Pergola- mine uses old barn timbers and natural stone pavers for a rustic and unique look- Click on the image to the right and see how I did it!

Designing a Pergola with Site and Materials in Mind

One Dollar Tip on Mixing Concrete

Cutting Curves in Timbers- and other tips!

The folks at Service First do a great job- click on the image and find the latest offers